FILTERED SOUND TRAINING uses PC technology and equipment to deliver AIT – quality sound intervention in home or office or school. Since most people can access a PC, the only expense is the purchase of the programme. The programme is then loaded onto the PC or laptop, and the computer runs the twenty sessions in the manner required .

The Home Kit Contains:

  • A set of headphones specific to the needs of FST
  • The FST programme cd
  • Cd's of the music to be used in FST
  • A sound level meter with instructions on how to use it.
  • An instruction booklet
  • A users booklet

There are two kinds of FST:

The SINGLE/INDIVIDUAL USER LICENSE allows a single application of the twenty-session training to be run, after which the programme cannot be re-run. This is a programme tailored for an individual user’s needs. If there are two users in one family or setting, two licenses are required.

The PRACTITIONER LICENSE is an unlimited license that replaces the costly hardware traditionally used for AIT. The certificated practitioner will have the ability to adjust settings for individual users who attend the training sessions supervised by the practitioner. This is an unlimited license, allowing multiple applications on one computer.

The Practitioner Kit contains additional material to support the practitioner.