Purchasing Filtered Sound Training

Families who are seeking AIT for their children, or an adult with a busy work schedule, can now access this training without having the inconvenience of travelling great distances!

With the HOME or INDIVIDUAL USER LICENSE , costs are kept low. This system allows a single application of the twenty-session training to be run at home. This is a programme tailored for an individual user’s needs.

If there are two users in one family or setting, you will be able to purchase two licenses and still run these effectively at home..

The PRACTITIONER LICENSE is an unlimited license . This replaces the costly hardware traditionally used for AIT. The certificated practitioner will have all the usual controls to adjust settings for individual users, in the usual manner done by AIT practitioners. For the practitioner, the FST system will replace the heavy and bulky equipment usually needed to do AIT. The music and the sound manipulation device are ALL carried in one laptop... all you need is the headphones and sound level meter, which are supplied with the kit!
Costs will vary depending on what is required, and the country being supplied. (The Macdonald Index is used as a guide to set prices appropriate to the various countries).

The cost in the UK is £500 for the first license, with an added £200 for each subsequent license added, and for the re-run (e.g. when FST is repeated a year later)


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