As a parent, or as a professional, you will want access to assessment forms that can clarify whether there is a probable Auditory Problems Disorder.

In this page we have made a few available to you. You can print them off, and send them to your practitioner or to us, for further discussion.

THE AUDITORY PROBLEMS CHECKLIST is a variation and adaptation of the Fischers Auditory Problems Checklist often referred to in AIT literature. You can use this to enter these behaviours at they apply, and can count up the score. This can give some indication of severity of the listening problems. NB This checklist is not to be used as a progress indicator after therapy or training... it is not designed for that purpose.

THE KENN-SEY ASSESSMENT OF READINESS FOR LISTENING TESTING. Parents are often concerned that their child should have a hearing / listening test before FST starts. It is important to remember that FST can be done even if no listening test can be performed... in fact it could be even more essential to do the FST if a child cannot successfully participate in the listening test!  This checklist will give parents a way of deciding whether their child is developmentally ready to successfully perform the Berard listening tests. 

THE DAILY LOG OF REACTIONS DURING FST . During the ten days of FST, there are reactions and changes in behaviour to be seen. This form allows you to keep a record of the most often-seen changes, and room to write anecdotes as well.  NB these changes do not necessarily mean there will or won't be long-lasting benefits from FST ... they merely chart the person's reactions during the ten days of training.

THE POST FST REPORT.  When 3 to 4 months have passed since the FST sessions, a summary of what has changed is recorded.  This can be kept in your records, and a copy sent to your practitioner.


SPECIAL FEATURE:  there is a checklist available at AIT Institute Checklist that will give an automatic score, and you can indicate if you wish to be contacted by a practitioner