FILTERED SOUND TRAINING  is an adaptation for PC delivery of the internationally known Bérard  system of Auditory Integration Training, also known as AIT. This development has been made possible through the combined expertise of the team at Dataworks, Waterford, and Rosalie Seymour, an AIT practitioner and trainer and originator of the Earducator. 

Little girl with FSTTo be clear, it must be stated that FST is different in many respects from other auditory techniques : in that

• It uses high-energy styles of music.
• It uses music with vocals (to maximise phonological benefit).

The purpose: is to exercise the listening mechanism, (not emotional state alteration.)
The duration: is specifically two half-hours per day for ten days consecutively, or with a maximum two-to three-day pause after the first 5 consecutive days.
The volume settings, which are as intense as the user can tolerate within safety limits, to give maximum ‘exercise’.

The need for repetition:- FST is repeated no more frequently than once every 9 months, if need be.

Until recently, the only way you could access AIT has been to attend the rooms of a certificated practitioner  for the ten-day duration of the training.  This has been extremely inconvenient to families seeking auditory training for their children, or an adult with a busy work schedule. This restriction, with the expensive equipment needed, has also added to the cost of this training.

FILTERED SOUND TRAINING has been developed to make it more accessible and less expensive.Boy With FST

FILTERED SOUND TRAINING uses PC technology and equipment to deliver the same quality of sound intervention in home or office or school. Since most people can access a PC, whether in your home or at your child’s school. The programme is loaded onto the PC or laptop, and the programming runs the twenty sessions in the  same manner.

Support during the running of the programme is provided telephonically as you are invited to telephone the practitioner through whom you obtained the FST home system.

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